Hi, i'm ava.

I offer custom QuickBooks Private Lessons for small business owners who want:

  • To learn how to use QuickBooks Online to DIY their bookkeeping

  • Custom solutions that will save time, energy, money and frustration

  • A safe, friendly, jargon-free space to learn how to do their bookkeeping pain-free.

each quickbooks private lesson is customized just for you.

No two businesses are the same, so no two lessons are the same. Whether you're brand new to QuickBooks or have an account that's a hot mess (no judgement!), I can help you tackle everything you need to master QuickBooks and make more money in your business.

What do you need help with?

set up

Ready to transition to QuickBooks Online but unsure how to get started? Eliminate the guesswork and get your QuickBooks Online account set up correctly from Day One.

clean up

Already using QuickBooks and have a giant mess on your hands? No worries. No matter what you're dealing with, we'll get it cleaned up and your books back in tip-top shape!

easy taxes

Imagine if taxes were struggle-free, pain-free, and stress-free. Imagine if taxes were...easy. All of this can be yours! I'll show you exactly what you need to do to get ready.

peace of mind

Should you put that office expense into software or advertising? Did you pay yourself correctly? Are your numbers correct? What if you made a giant mistake? Worry no more. Review your books with an expert and rejoice in the confidence you'll gain from having correct books.

save time

QuickBooks has a million features that can make your life easier, but you have to know which ones are right for you and your business! Learn tips and tricks that will save your time and make your bookkeeping easy.

make more $$$

The best part of bookkeeping? It shows you what you need to know to run a better business. Learn what to do with your information in QuickBooks to increase your profits.

the details

Each QuickBooks Private Lesson includes:

  • 90 minute private session to learn anything and everything about using QuickBooks Online perfectly for your small business.

  • A recording of our session for you to re-watch as many times as you want.

  • One 15-minute follow-up session to address any follow-up questions.

  • Bookkeeping reference tools and guides that are yours to keep forever!


Kind Words

"Ava is my go-to Quickbooks expert. She has a magical way of simplifying the whole process."Kathleen Lawson, Kathleen Lawson Consulting

"Ava made everything so clear and I understand QuickBooks A LOT more now. I categorized the rest of the items in QuickBooks and it was really fun!"Viviane Chau, Owner, VIVE Pet care

"After a session with Ava, I feel able to take on QuickBooks Online. She makes bookkeeping accessible and non-threatening, and her warmth and enthusiasm coupled with a deep knowledge of the program make her an ideal bookkeeping coach. As a small business owner I can't think of a better resource for navigating Quickbooks than Ava Vatsky."Jeanne Rosier Smith, Artist

"Ava has a way about her that takes the overwhelm, confusion, and extreme discomfort in navigating around QuickBooks and makes it easy and fun (yes, fun!)."Susan Tripi, Women's Empowerment Coach

"As a new business owner, one of the biggest learning curves I faced was how to manage my bookkeeping. I knew that I wanted to start out doing the right thing by using Quickbooks software but found it super intimidating. I was so nervous to make a mistake that I didn't end up using it in my first year. My accountant recommended that I meet with Ava to do a Quickbooks tutorial to help me get set up the right way. I can't believe how easy Ava made learning the software. I feel so much more confident in doing my own bookkeeping now. Investing in the tutorial was hands-down the most useful thing I have done for my business thus far!" -- Kati Finneran, Owner & Principal Designer, Mountain Ave Interiors

"I am feeling so much more confident using Quickbooks Online after just one session with Ava. She listened to my questions and concerns. She followed my lead in terms of what I wanted to focus on. And at the same time, she provided structure and organization to the conversation. After months of struggling with migrating to Quickbooks and getting things set up, it was a huge relief to have an expert to work with. I immediately felt confident that Ava would be able to help me clean things up and learn how to do things properly. I'm thrilled to recommend Ava's services."Erica Mattison, Founder & CEO, Erica Mattison Coaching & Consulting

About your teacher

ava vatsky, quickbooks expert

My accounting career began in the kitchen. I used to own a food business, until I realized that my favorite part wasn't the food...it was the numbers. Go figure! (Pun intended.) I became a QuickBooks Online Certified Pro-Advisor and now it's my great privilege to help other (more normal!) business owners who love what they do but hate dealing with the math to make sense of their numbers and run a more profitable business!


Where does the lesson take place?

Each 90 minute lesson takes place over Zoom at a day and time of your choosing!

How long is each Lesson?

Each lesson is scheduled for a total of 90 minutes.

How many lessons will I need?

There are no lesson minimums. Most students work with me for a total of 2-3 lessons before soaring off in confidence on their own!

Is there a minimum number of Lessons?

Nope! These Private Lessons are scheduled "a la carte" to keep it as easy and flexible as possible and to give you exactly the amount of support you need.

Is this a waste of time if...

...I end up outsourcing my books? Definitely not! There's no better investment you can make in your business (and in yourself) than understanding your numbers. Even if you end up outsourcing your bookkeeping, you will get so much more out of your working relationship with your accounting team if you first understand how your numbers come together (plus, you'll have a clue what your accountant is talking about!).

What if i hate math?

If you hate numbers or have anxiety around finances, then these Private Lessons are especially designed for you. This is a safe space! There's no judgement, no scary math, and no accounting jargon. I will guide you in plain & friendly English how to use the program in a way that makes sense to you.

"Ava has given me so much confidence. I literally can't say enough kind words."

Katie MacKenzie, Owner, Bird's Nest Auctions

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